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I started Phoenix Remodeling in 1983. I realized then that the myth of the Phoenix, which appears in many cultures, fits the nature of remodeling. The Phoenix is the deathless winged creature that rises from the ashes of its own destruction, just as remodeling is a process of destroying the old to give birth to a new vision. In the past 37 years I've worked with homeowners, interior designers and architects in creating beautiful home environments. I've specialized in kitchen and bathroom remodels, have built many decks, additions and replaced windows, doors and siding. Since I moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1998, I've assembled a highly competent team of subcontractors who I've worked with on every job. Loyalty and friendship with my coworkers and clients is paramount to me. I am either on the project with tools in hand or in contact with my clients every day. I take pride in the high quality of our work, and the transformational process of remodeling.

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